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Complex supply chains and evolving market access have delivered a global economic interdependence that has been important in terms of growth and prosperity, but also in encouraging and reinforcing stability in other areas of international cooperation and governance. This interdependence has become increasingly unstable in the context of growing geopolitical confrontations, serving to remind us that cooperation, universal rules and values, are both difficult to obtain and by no means permanent.

While such political and trading tensions continue to rise and as the EU seeks to strike a balance between increased strategic autonomy and a continued support for multilateralism, this Forum Europe TRADE 2021 Conference will look at what reforms are necessary to international institutions, at the state of, and prospects for relations between trading blocs. Following the WTO’s 12th Ministerial Conference and COP26, we will also discuss issues pertaining to supply chain security, how the mega trends of national security, digital trade, and climate change will all be impacted by the directions taken in the short to medium term.

Key Themes


The Multilateral Trading System

What now and what next?


Trade & Digital

New frontiers, new barriers?


Climate & Trade

Building back better

Confirmed Speakers

Jean Marie Paugam

Jean-Marie Paugam

Deputy Director General


Ignacio Garcia Bercero

Ignacio Garcia Bercero

Director of Multilateral Affairs, Strategy, Analysis and Evaluation, DG TRADE

European Commission

Bernd Lange

Bernd Lange

MEP & INTA Chair

European Parliament

Audrey Plonk

Audrey Plonk

Head of Digital Economy Policy


Carolyn Deere Birkbeck

Carolyn Deere Birkbeck


Forum on Trade, Environment and the SDGs (TESS)

Anne Olhoff

Anne Olhoff

Head of Strategy, Climate Planning and Policy,

UNEP DTU Partnership

Poppy Carnell

Poppy Carnell

Chief Correspondent


Past Speakers

Cecelia Malmstrom 240

Cecilia Malmström

Commissioner, DG Trade

European Commission

Bernd Lange TTIP EU US Trade

Bernd Lange

MEP & Chair, Committee on International Trade

European Parliament

Phil Hogan

Phil Hogan

European Commissioner for Agriculture and Rural Development

European Commission

Ignacio Garcia Bercero

Director, DG TRADE,

European Commission

Denis Redonnet

Denis Redonnet

Head of Unit, Trade Strategy, DG Trade

European Commission

*Positions and organisations at time of contribution


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Note: All timings are in Central European Time (CET)

08:30 – 09:00

Virtual Platform and Networking Area Opening

09:00 – 09:30

Keynote Session

09:30 – 11:00

The Multilateral Trading System: what now and what next?

The decay of the rules-based international trading system has had the twin effect of forcing countries and blocs to seek to be more self-reliant, while at the same time strengthening calls for reforms of institutions such as the WTO, the latter being a priority in the EU’s new trade strategy. This session will delve into how the EU and the international community can cooperate to reform and rebuild a sustainable and effective system for global trade, one fit for the economic, social and climate challenges of the 21st century. 

It will discuss the EU’s reinforced focus on the implementation and enforcement of trade agreements and on the transparency of trade practices to ensure a level playing field for businesses. It will examine the work being done to develop instruments to protect European companies and citizens from unfair and abusive trade practices, including via the preparation of an anti-coercion instrument. It will look at prospects for trading relations between the new US administration, an EU pushing for greater autonomy, China – following the conclusion of the Comprehensive Agreement on Investment – and others, such as neighbouring states and developing countries.  It will explore how trade policy can support the EU’s geopolitical goals, and how COVID-19 and the economic recovery period might change the nature of the trading landscape. 

11:00 – 12:30

Trade and Digital: New frontiers, new barriers?

The pandemic has reinforced the extent to which digital technologies, data, and services are critical to global commerce, with technology firms and those operating across digital sectors sitting at the heart of both the upside of demand, and the downside of supply issues and geopolitics.

A recent shortage in semiconductors as result of a confluence of a demand spike and a rise in diplomatic tensions, has led to the idling of car plants around the world, while the production of consumer electronics has slowed or stalled. As the EU pushes for increased autonomy, and while the rollout of digital infrastructures such as 5G in Europe is the subject of much debate, seeking consensus on what a post-Covid global trading landscape should look like is essential in ensuring the digital transition is as equitable as possible.

 This session will analyse how digital and data in global trade is evolving, what the prospects are for common standards and cooperation on issues such as cyber security, international data flows, AI and other emerging technologies through global collaboration initiatives such as the EU-US Tech and Trade Technology Council. This session will also examine whether the range of supply chain, infrastructure security concerns and loss of trust in the multilateral system therefore necessitates a retreat to more regional self-reliance and resilience. By exploring the provisions included in the Communication “2030 Digital Compass: the European Way for the Digital Decade” that was released in March, the session will discuss the role that fair and sustainable trade rules can play in ensuring the EU economy competitiveness in a global digital market.

12:30 – 13:30

Lunch Break and Virtual Networking

13:30 – 13:45

Afternoon Keynote Session

13:45 – 15:15

Climate and Trade: Building back better

By including sustainability as an explicit and central pillar of its new trade strategy for the first time, the Commission is restating its commitment to fulfil its Green Deal ambitions and to support the transition to a climate-neutral EU economy. The relationship between global trade and climate change is however complex. This session will assess where it is possible to achieve significant impact within this interaction both via the EU and through international cooperation. It will discuss how recent and future policy initiatives, such as the proposed Fit-for-55 package, an upcoming legislative proposal on sustainable corporate governance introducing mandatory due diligence requirements to contribute to more sustainable supply chains mechanisms, and the review of the 15-point action plan on implementing and enforcing the Trade and Sustainable Development (TSD) chapters of its trade agreements can promote sustainability action and support the green transition globally. Following on from issues discussed during COP26 and as the race for zero emissions gains momentum, how can EU trade policy help to drive the use of green goods and services, while encouraging the adoption of climate-friendly policies in other countries? What steps can the international community take to better align global trade and environmental governance?

15:15 – 15:45

Virtual Networking & End of Conference

Sponsors & Partners

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